Software engineering, web development, programming languages, and mathematics.

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Here are some of the technologies I work with.

Just the top three, for now, but I also work on the client side.


The language and platform is in its 8th release with Java 9 well under way.

Amazon Web Services

Drudgery is handled by the cloud, allowing devops to focus on automation.


The leading mobile platform for those of us who don't speak Objective-C or Swift.

Things that don't fit anywhere else.

I've used many languages and frameworks over the years, and there are many more I want to explore.


We're building single-page web apps using Angular.js on one project I'm working on.

Javascript ES6

Finally, Javascript is reaching a level of language maturity. Too bad it took so long.


We've got devops scripts that are written in Ruby, though some are being ported to Java.


A featureful modern Lisp that runs on the JVM. Now where did I leave that parenthesis?


The premier, strongly-typed, pure functional language. And it has pattern matching.


An actor model, functional programming, and extremely lightweight threads. Who could ask for more?

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